Meet Our Lynn Team

Jeremy Aczon, DMD

I am passionate about making patients feel comfortable and enthusiastic about oral healthcare. My interactions with a wide variety of patients have been the highlight of my dental career thus far. At Children and Family Dental, my services are focused on preventive care, emphasizing early detection of caries and promotion of dental education at a young age. By educating young individuals about their oral health, I play both the role of doctor and teacher.


After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, I spent a year in a general practice residency at the Manhattan VA in New York. Entering my residency, I was uncertain whether general dentistry would be my definitive career path, and I looked forward to finding my niche in an ever-expanding profession. Throughout the year I gained exposure to, and experience in, a multitude of procedures across all specialties. Performing a wide range of clinical procedures not only helped to improve my dexterity and speed, it also opened my eyes to an area of dentistry I found most enjoyable, and one that is best suited to my talents. The aspects of endodontics that interest me most are the unique and challenging circumstances under which patients seek care, the distinct role that the endodontist plays on the dental healthcare team, and the multitude of research and technological advances that the field has seen in recent years. 

Some of the most valuable lessons I learned in my career were not the technical details of clinical procedures, but rather the intricacies of working with patients with complex medical, dental, and social histories. The patient population at the VA was replete with individuals suffering from severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as physical traumas obtained in active duty. Working with this unique patient pool challenged me to hone my patient management and communication skills, as establishing trust and rapport with these veterans was a critical step in ensuring they follow through with their necessary dental care.

I believe that every professional is a lifetime student, learning through experience and keeping up to date with the current technology and trends within their respective fields. It is the clinician's responsibility to educate the patient and provide all treatment options in order to determine what is best for that individual. As a new resident of Massachusetts, I look forward to being involved in the multi-disciplinary continuing education courses offered in the Boston area.    

Personal Life

My father is a retired primary care physician whose first job was selling pretzels on the streets of Manila. It took him decades of hard work to become a practicing physician and provide the funds for my family’s immigration to the United States. Witnessing my father achieve his goals because of his tenacity and perseverance inspired me to work hard in my own career path. Though my hardships may not meet the enormity of my father’s, I continually seek ways to give back to my family and the community.      

I grew up in New Jersey, just a few miles from Philadelphia, making me a proud Eagles fan! Now, as a new resident of Brookline, I spend my free time exploring the city for new restaurants and trendy neighborhoods.

Nisreen Takulla, DDS

Dental health is an essential, important aspect of overall health, and it is my goal to help make a difference in people’s lives by providing the best care possible in a comfortable, friendly environment. As a dentist, I spend my days offering compassionate, gentle treatments that help improve the physical and emotional lives of people in my community. I strive to establish and develop open, direct communication with all of my patients, allowing them to trust me in helping them achieve their goals.


I studied dentistry in India and then did an advanced placement dental course at NYU College of Dentistry. That was followed by a year of oral surgery residency at Boston Medical Center and BU Goldman Dental School.

Every day, I strive to further my skills and expand my knowledge. Keeping up to date with current, changing, and the latest trends in dentistry enables me to provide optimal dental treatment and care to patients. Whether I’m participating in an online course, reading a dental journal at home, or traveling to a national conference, I’m always seeking more information.

I am also involved with the American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, and the Academy of General Dentistry which provide me access to information about new technology, treatments, and dental materials.

Personal Life

I currently reside in Wakefield with my spouse and ten-month-old son. Some of my favorite moments are spent with my son or catching up with friends. When I have free time, I enjoy baking, hiking, and visiting new places.

Jessica Diaz

Office Manager

One of my most important duties is to make sure our patients have the best experience possible. I also make sure the staff has everything they need to make that happen for each one of our patients. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing team! We’re like family and we treat all of our patients like family as well. There’s no better feeling than to know all of my providers and staff make it a priority to provide the best possible care and make the patient feel as comfortable as possible at every visit.

When I’m not at work, my life revolves around being a mother. On my time off I like to read and relax.

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