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Healthy diet and nutrition help keep your child’s smile healthy.

Questions & answers

Diet & nutrition

How does diet and nutrition affect my child’s smile?

Your child’s diet and nutrition play an important role in their oral and overall health. Helping your child maintain a healthy diet will also decrease their risk of developing cavities or other damaging dental conditions as well as helping them avoid problems with their overall growth, development and health.

What nutrients are most beneficial to my child?

Each person’s metabolism is unique, and you may find some nutrients are more beneficial to your child than others. There are, however, some nutrients that will help your child’s oral health, such as vitamin A, which aids in tooth formation, and vitamin B, which helps the gums, teeth and tongue function properly. Our dentists will discuss your child’s health and oral needs with you to determine which type of nutrients will provide them with the greatest benefit.

How can I help my child eat healthy?

We recommend that you:

  • Read food labels
  • Limit the amount of sugary foods and carbohydrates your child consumes
  • Provide your child with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Limit their consumption of sugary drinks
  • Encourage them to drink plenty of water
  • Provide them with foods high in calcium and phosphorus
  • Help your child brush after each meal and floss daily

Diet & nutrition

Healthy teeth, healthy life

Diet and nutrition play an important role not just in your general health but also in your oral health. When you bring your child to Children & Family Dentistry & Braces, we will review their diet with you and may make recommendations on ways you can adjust it to help them receive proper nutrition.

For example, if your child eats a lot of sugar, it increases their risk of developing cavities. Poor nutrition also increases the risk that your child will develop a damaging oral condition such as gum disease or defects in their tooth enamel. Our dentists can help to create a diet and nutrition plan that includes the nutrients and vitamins that promote good oral health and development.

Tips for a healthier diet

Your child’s metabolism is unique, and our dentists and team want to make sure that they are receiving the nutrition that will be most beneficial to their oral and overall health and to their growth and development. Here are a few tips on helping your child maintain a balanced, nutritious diet:

  • Read food labels
  • Limit your child’s intake of sugary foods and drinks, as well foods high in carbohydrates
  • Provide your child with fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Encourage your child to drink water and stay hydrated
  • Limit their intake of sugary drinks and encourage them to drink more water
  • Provide them with foods high in calcium and phosphorous
  • Help your child brush after each meal and floss daily
  • Ask our dentists about preventive care, including fluoride treatments and dental sealants

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