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Let us help your teenage child improve their smile with our adolescent braces!

Questions & answers

Adolescent braces

When should treatment begin for adolescents?

Adolescent orthodontic treatment begins between 11-15 years old, since the permanent teeth should have erupted by age 12. Our orthodontists will be able to easily diagnose a treatment plan to straighten your teenager’s smile. Usually, their Phase Two treatment is determined when they come in for their initial orthodontic appointment at age 7 and as their oral development has been monitored since then.

What are the benefits of adolescent orthodontic treatment?

Phase Two orthodontic treatment is most beneficial during teenage years when your child’s permanent teeth have erupted and are still growing and shifting into place. This will allow for a shorter treatment time than if they were an adult.

What types of braces do we provide?

We offer traditional metal braces, gold braces, clear ceramic braces and Invisalign® clear aligners. We will discuss which option is best for your child’s specific case during their appointment.

Adolescent orthodontic treatment

Smile care for teens

Our orthodontists and team are dedicated to helping your teenager achieve the beautiful, straight smile that they will love while also improving their oral health through proper alignment. Schedule your child’s adolescent orthodontic treatment at Children & Family Dentistry & Braces by calling our office.

What to expect

The teenage years are the optimal time to receive orthodontic care since the teeth are still growing and shifting into place. This allows our orthodontists to shift them into a better position for a straighter smile and to minimize treatment time. We can help ensure better oral health with proper alignment while also improving your child’s confidence with an aesthetic smile that they will love. We suggest the optimal age for adolescent orthodontic care is during the ages 11-15 since the last of the secondary teeth erupt around the age of 12.

During your treatment, we will discuss which specific options are best for your child’s case, from the type of braces or oral appliance they will use to dental habits they will need to change. We will be with you during every step of the straightening process to ensure all goes well. Some benefits to adolescent orthodontic care include:

  • Reduced treatment time..
  • Minimized risk for a potential tooth extraction.
  • Preserving tooth health.
  • Preserving space for unerupted teeth.
  • Stimulating jaw growth to restore facial symmetry and aesthetics.
  • Making room for crowded teeth.
  • Minimizing potential damage to already-erupted teeth.
  • Restoring facial symmetry.

We invite you to come see us about your child’s teenage orthodontic treatment. Contact our office at Children & Family Dentistry & Braces.

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