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Stainless steel dental crowns

What are stainless steel crowns?

Stainless steel crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit over your child’s teeth. They are used to preserve baby teeth that have become damaged or decayed or which have received a treatment such as a root canal. While primary teeth are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, it is important that they be preserved and not lost or extracted prematurely. Loosing baby teeth too early can cause complications with the permanent teeth, making protecting them with stainless steel crowns until the baby teeth fall out naturally the better option.

When are stainless steel crowns recommended?

Stainless steel crowns are recommended when children have extensive tooth decay or have received a baby tooth root canal. In these cases, more conservative treatments like fillings are unlikely to restore your child’s oral health. A stainless steel crown will restore and protect the tooth so that your child can regain a healthy mouth and smile.

Did you know?

Baby teeth, also known as primary or “milk” teeth, are more susceptible to decay because they have a thinner and softer enamel layer than permanent teeth. Additionally, the nerve layer in baby teeth is close to the surface of the tooth, and infections also occur more easily in these teeth.

Stainless steel dental crowns

Full smile after damage

Here at Children & Family Dentistry & Braces, we are committed to helping your child regain a healthy mouth and smile following tooth damage. Our dentists may recommend a stainless steel dental crown to protect your child’s teeth and allow them to enjoy a healthy smile as they grow. Call today to learn more!

Stainless steel crowns

Children’s teeth are at greater risk for developing cavities, and even though their baby teeth are temporary, they still play an important role in your child’s oral health and smile. When your child’s primary teeth are damaged or decayed, our dentists may recommend a stainless steel dental crown. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends this type of crown as the treatment of choice for children with extensive tooth decay or who have received a pulpotomy (also known as a baby tooth root canal). These crowns offer many benefits, including:

  • Durability
  • A cost-effective treatment
  • Complete protection for the treated tooth
  • Little or no tooth sensitivity after treatment
  • Reduced chances of a retreatment
  • Great success in treating children younger than age 4
  • Ease of providing for children who need general anesthesia
  • Preserving the space needed for the permanent teeth

If you have any questions about stainless steel dental crowns or would like to set up an appointment with our dentists, please call our office today.

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