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Questions & Answers

7 & up orthodontic checkup

Why receive an orthodontic exam at age 7?

At this age, children’s teeth have developed to a point where any potential orthodontic problems can be diagnosed from their oral development. Our orthodontists will be able to see if they need treatment now — thereby creating a treatment plan — or if they can wait a few years.

Will my child receive treatment immediately?

Only if they need it. We will look at the state of their teeth and jaw to see how they are developing. Depending on the results, our orthodontists will recommend when to start treatment. We will review all options for your child so that you can make an informed decision.

What does the checkup entail?

We will conduct an exam of your child’s bone structure and musculature, as well as your child’s bite. We will also take X-rays and discuss your child’s oral health habits.


Our Recall Club

If your child can afford to wait for orthodontic care, you can join our Recall Club, where your child will be seen on a yearly basis to help watch their oral development and eruption of secondary teeth. These yearly exams are no cost to you.

7 & up orthodontic checkup

Your child’s initial checkup

It is recommended by the AAO that children should have their first orthodontic checkup by age 7, allowing our orthodontists to see how their teeth are developing and diagnose any potential problems. We can discuss early orthodontic treatment if your child needs it or if they can afford to wait. We invite you to schedule your child’s visit at Children & Family Dentistry & Braces.

Early evaluation

The AAO recommends that children come in for their first orthodontic screening at age 7 so that our orthodontists can see if they need early treatment or can afford to wait a few years. During the examination, we will diagnose the state of your child’s oral development from their jaw to their erupting teeth. We will also take digital X-rays and discuss what your child’s oral habits are like and how they may need to be improved. We will be able to detect any subtle problems that may hinder proper development, which could lead to future dental problems.

Early orthodontic treatment is usually reserved for children with musculature or skeletal deformities, as well as a misaligned bite. We can guide the growth of your child’s jaw and permanent teeth with specific orthodontic treatments to minimize the risk of damage and prevent more serious dental treatment (like corrective surgery) in the future. We will always strive to promote a relaxing environment for your child so that they associate a dental or orthodontic visit with positivity.

If your child can afford to wait a few more years to receive orthodontic treatment, you can also become a part of our Recall Club, where we will monitor your child’s oral development every year to determine the best time for treatment to begin. These visits are of no cost to you. We invite you to come see us at Children & Family Dentistry & Braces and contact us for your child’s initial orthodontic screening.

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