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Our dentists and team provide treatment for traumatic dental injuries.

Questions & answers

Traumatic dental injuries

Are dental injuries common?

Dental injuries may occur as a result of many activities, including contact sports and accidents. Common dental injuries are typically minor, such as a chipped tooth. It is less common to experience a severe injury, such as a knocked-out tooth. The treatment you receive for your dental injury will depend on the type of injury, but it is important that you seek treatment from a dentist as soon as possible to avoid any problems. Many injuries cause problems that are unnoticeable without a professional dental exam. If you experience a dental injury, please contact Children & Family Dentistry & Braces immediately so we can ensure you receive the care you need.

How will my injury be treated?

Treatments for dental injuries depend on the type of injury you have received. Our dentists will evaluate your mouth to determine which type of treatment is right for your needs.

Minor injuries, such as chipped teeth, can usually be repaired with a filling or by reattaching the broken piece of tooth. If most of the tooth has been broken off, our dentists may recommend a dental crown. If your tooth is completely dislodged or knocked out, please contact our office immediately. There is a chance that your tooth can be saved if you receive treatment quickly enough.

What if a child experiences a dental injury?

As children have primary teeth, which will eventually be replaced, their treatment may differ from the treatment an adult would receive. Treatments depend on the type of injury, and our dentists will examine the child’s mouth to determine the right treatment for their needs. We will take into account the child’s oral development and their need for the primary teeth before determining the most beneficial option for their oral health and smile.

Traumatic dental injuries

What is facial trauma?

Facial trauma includes any injury that impacts your facial area. It may occur as a result of car accidents, work-related injuries, sports injuries, accidental falls or interpersonal violence. Common facial injuries include:

  • Intraoral lacerations
  • Knocked-out (avulsed) teeth
  • Facial lacerations
  • Fractured facial bones (such as the cheeks, eye socket or nose)
  • Fractured upper or lower jaw

Facial trauma can have a significant emotional and physical impact. Here at Children & Family Dentistry & Braces, we are dedicated to providing you with the care you need to regain your health and appearance. Our dentists and team offer several treatment options and will work one-on-one with you to create your treatment plan so that you can once again enjoy a healthy, aesthetic and confident smile.

What can we provide for facial trauma?

Our dentists and team are experienced in treating a wide range of injuries, from soft tissue injuries to bone injuries and damage to your teeth and surrounding oral structures. During your appointment, we will thoroughly examine your mouth to determine the extent of the damage and which type of treatment will be most beneficial for you. Depending on the treatment you receive and your individual needs, we may recommend that you receive care in a hospital or outpatient setting. Please contact us for more information and to schedule your consultation.

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