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If you would like to repair your damaged or missing teeth, ask our dentists about dental crowns and bridges.

Questions & answers

Dental crowns & bridges

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are a restoration used to replace your missing or severely damaged teeth. Crowns are placed over your original tooth and shaped and colored to match. This will restore your oral health and the function of your teeth. Dental crowns are typically made of a porcelain material that allows the restoration to blend seamlessly with your smile.

What are dental bridges?

If you have missing teeth and desire a permanent solution, dental bridges may be the right option for you. Dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth and consist of crowns on both sides of the false tooth or teeth to seal it into place.

What is the process for receiving a crown or a dental bridge?

At your first visit to our office in pursuit of receiving a dental crown or bridge, we will take impressions and have them sent to the lab. While we are waiting for the restoration to be created, we will provide you with a temporary one. Once we receive the restoration, we will make sure it fits and functions properly before securing it into place.

Dental crowns & bridges

Dental crowns

A dental crown, or “cap,” is a type of restoration that goes over a tooth or dental implant. A crown is often needed when the damage is too severe for a dental filling to repair. Crowns are most commonly made of porcelain and will improve the appearance, function and health of your smile. The color will be hand-selected to match your natural teeth.

Dental bridges

If you have one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge can help you. If you have lost teeth, our dentists and team can place a dental bridge to improve the appearance of your smile and make sure your bite does not shift due to the gap. Dental bridges are supported by dental crowns on each side of the false tooth and if necessary, can be supported by a dental implant.

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