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Prevent feelings of discomfort during your treatments with local anesthesia.

Questions & answers

Local anesthetic

What does local anesthesia do?

Local anesthesia is an injection our dentists and team use to the numb the area being treated. This is typically injected with a needle in your gums or inner cheek to avoid any possible discomfort. Local aesthetics can also involve a form of sedation to put you more at ease.

How long does local anesthesia last?

You should plan to feel the effects of local anesthesia for around four to six hours, depending on how much anesthetic was used. You may have a hard time speaking clearly until your mouth no longer feels numb.

Is local anesthesia safe?

Yes, local anesthetics are safe and effective to ensure your comfort. They rarely have side effects, but it is possible to experience soreness in the area where your treatment was performed.

Local anesthetic

What is a local anesthetic?

At Children & Family Dentistry & Braces, we use local anesthetics to improve your comfort when receiving treatment. This a medication made to numb the area of your mouth to ensure you do not feel any sort of pain. Our dentists can also pair this injection with a type of sedation to provide a more comfortable experience. We encourage you to meet with us before your procedure to determine if a local anesthetic is right for you.

More about local anesthetic

Since the effects of local anesthesia can last for several hours, we strongly recommend you avoid chewing or biting down on the numb area to prevent injury. You will feel numb for a while but should be back to normal between four to six hours, depending on how much anesthesia was given.

If you have questions about the use of local anesthetics, we invite you to give us a call to speak with our dental team.

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