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Early orthodontic treatment for your young child can help ensure a healthy smile as they grow.

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Questions & answers

Early treatment

What is the goal of early orthodontic treatment?

Early treatment for your child is for correcting developmental problems that include skeletal, muscular or dentoalveolar imbalances. Straightening their teeth now helps eliminate the need for corrective surgery and additional orthodontic treatment later on.

What does two-phase orthodontic treatment entail?

Phase One treatment involves early treatment for your child to help their jaw develop properly to accommodate their teeth. It also helps them maintain a proper bite so that they can avoid more serious orthodontic treatment in the future. Phase One can include certain orthodontic appliances such as a palatal expander.

There will be a resting phase between Phase One and Two to allow your child’s jaw to develop on its own. We will monitor their progress to ensure things are developing properly.

Phase Two typically includes orthodontic appliances, such as braces, during adolescence to straighten their smile and align their bite. We will also provide a retainer for your child afterward to ensure their teeth do not shift back into their previous position.

How will palatal expanders help my child?

A palatal expander will do just that: expand the palate so that your child’s mouth has more room for their teeth to grow. This will also help accommodate secondary teeth as they erupt.

Early orthodontic treatment

When early treatment is needed

It is recommended that your child comes in for their first orthodontic appointment at age 7 so that we can determine whether they need early treatment. We encourage you to schedule their visit at Children & Family Dentistry & Braces with our orthodontists.

Advantages of early treatment

If it has been determined that your child needs early orthodontic treatment, we can assure you that there are many advantages that will help them in the long run. We can help decide when treatment should begin during your child’s initial screening at 7 years old, based on diagnoses of their oral development.

Having early orthodontic treatment at such a young age allows our orthodontists to guide erupting teeth into the proper position and detect any potential problems before they become more serious and require more corrective care. Early treatment allows us to:

  • Reserve more room for crowded teeth and erupting teeth.
  • Guide jaw growth to improve your child’s facial symmetry.
  • Guide jaw growth to improve or create facial symmetry.
  • Reduce the risk of future tooth extractions.
  • Reduce treatment time overall by correcting orthodontic problems early on.

We will discuss your child’s options with you on whether they may need early treatment and which oral appliances and treatments may be best for their case. Schedule your child’s initial screening today by contacting our office.

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